Saturday 1 November 2014

Walking away from Run@Cloud Part 3: Pause and Reflect

As a happy free-tier CloudBees user, my "build ecosystem" looked like this:

As CloudBees seem to have gone "Enterprise" in the worst possible way (from my perspective) and don't have any free offerings any more, I was now looking for:
  • Git repository hosting (for private repos - my open-source stuff is on GitHub)
  • A private Nexus instance to hold closed-source library artifacts
  • A public Nexus instance to hold open-source artifacts for public consumption
  • A "cloud" Jenkins instance to build both public- and private-repo-code when it changes;
    • pushing private webapps to Heroku
    • publishing private libs to the private Nexus
    • pushing open-source libs to the public Nexus
... and all for as close to $0 as possible. Whew!

I did a load of Googling, and the result of this is an ecosystem that is far more "diverse" (a charitable way to say "dog's breakfast") but still satisfies all of the above criteria, and it's all free. More detail in blog posts to come, but here's what I've come up with:

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