Saturday 30 December 2023

2023 End-of-year wrapup

Another year over, with some satisfying accomplishments: - [Frenzy.js]( is now fully-playable, albeit lacking a few things from the original - I've been [checking out Svelte]( and enjoying learning that refreshing approach to front-end dev - and in work-related stuff, I've learnt heaps about migrations, ETL, AWS tech like Step Functions, Terraform and TypeScript In 2024, my goals will be: - Finish Frenzy.js completely and [document it]( - Build [something cool]( in Svelte and show the world - Harness _The Biggest Buzzword since The Blockchain_ (AI/ML) to do something useful That last one is a biggie but it does seem like an idea whose time has finally come (unlike a certain "let's make money off suckers using a slow database" technology one could mention!)