Sunday 28 January 2024

My Apps, 2024

Following a bit of a blogger-trend, here's the stuff I use on the daily. I've omitted things I simply don't use, like custom launchers, podcast listeners, RSS, tracking and/or Mastodon clients; - Mail service: __GMail__ - Tasks: __Drafts in GMail__ - Cloud storage: __Dropbox__ - Web browser: __Chrome__ - Calendar: __Google Calendar__ - Weather: __BOM__ (Melbourne, Australia) app - Video: __Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video__ - Music (Listening): __Spotify__, Spotify via Google Home and/or Chromecast - Music (Creation): __GarageBand__ - Passwords: __1Password__ - Notes: __Drafts in GMail__ - Code: __Visual Studio Code__ - Terminal: __Terminal.app__ - Search: __Google__ This list has shown me how much I depend on Google a) not being evil; and b) not just giving up on a product because they're bored of it ... which concerns me a little. While it still exists though 😉, I *do* highly recommend the use of __Drafts in GMail__ as your general-purpose, cross-platform notes/todo app. You can attach files of arbitrary size, they sync to everything/everywhere *fast* (faster than Dropbox) and it's free (free-r than Dropbox... hmmm 🤔)