Saturday 28 December 2019


It's been quite a while since I last did a SOTSOG awards ceremony but there have definitely been some standouts for Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants this year. So without any further ado:


I wouldn't consider building a front-end with anything else. Hooks have been a game-changer, taking the declarative approach to the next level.

Apollo GraphQL

Version 2.x of the reference GraphQL client library brought vast improvements, and the React Hooks support fits in beautifully. Combine it with top-notch documentation and you've got a stone-cold winner for efficient and elegant data communications.

Next.js and

The dynamic duo from Zeit have almost-instantly become my go-to for insanely-quick prototyping and deployment. The built-in Lambda deployment system is ridiculously good. Just try it - it's free.

Honourable Mentions

Typescript and ES6

For making JavaScript feel like a grown-up language. Real compile-time type safety and protection from the dreaded undefined is not a function, the functional goodness of map(), reduce() and Promises without pain.

Visual Studio Code

Two Microsoft products getting a nod?!? Amazing to see - a stunning turnaround this decade from Redmond. VSCode has simply exploded onto most developers' launch bars thanks to its speed, flexibility, incredible rate of feature development and enormous plugin community. At this price point, it's very hard to look further for an IDE.