Friday 18 February 2011

Welcome to Stand Up

Ah dammit I was going to do the Fight Club thing but I've just remembered that the Secret Geek beat me to it.

Never mind. But there are a few additions I could make to that excellent list:

  • You really do have to stand up. It speeds up the process
  • By all means talk fast, but please talk loudly too - don't mumble!
  • If you worked with a team-mate yesterday, mention them; but;
  • Don't cover what somebody else already has. You don't HAVE to increment your awesome-quotient each and every day. Just "pass", optionally referring to the prior speaker
  • Use a "talking stick" or other such binary semaphore to ensure exactly one person is speaking at a time
  • Invoke the talking stick on anyone who violates the semaphore - either metaphorically (he who talks out of turn has to fix the next build breakage) or literally (you'll need a pretty chilled OH&S policy here!)
  • Change things up by throwing the talking stick randomly around the circle so people pay attention
  • ANYTHING controversial is taken "offline"
  • No Agendas, Minutes or Action Items

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