Tuesday 8 February 2011

This One Goes Up To '11

... back for another big year

Happy belated New Year!

As promised/threatened, I'm back in the blogging seat for another year. My new contract has started and I'm getting nicely into the thick of things, but there have been a few niggles that I've been thinking about - my OptimalOffice™ tag will be getting more of a workout soon!

At some point fairly soon (perhaps coinciding with the release of the next Ubuntu Server version in April) I plan on embarking on what I will modestly title The Ultimate Continuous-Integration Server Setup Guide - which will be pitched at the developer who wants a Really Nice Build Environment - no prior system admin experience required! No doubt it'll be a monster, with gotchas galore, but hopefully it'll save a few follicles out there somewhere.

Hope you'll join me for another exciting year in modern software development.

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