Tuesday 22 February 2011

In The Beginning ...

... There were packets. And They Were Good. Our data was ritualistically encoded into fields and offered unto the network, and with much latency and the occasional sacrifice, was reassembled in hopefully-the-right-order on the other side. We gave thanks to the Internet Elders for this.

And then Wise Hackers realized you could just memcpy() thine C data structure into thine transmit buffer. And it too was good. For marshalling and unmarshalling data to-and-from arbitrary formats is surely the devil's own drudgery.

But lo the Enterprise Architects did speak. And speak XML they did. And they spake that XML was all that any shall speak. And so (for fear of being struck down by these mighty warriors), we encoded our data once more, this time in a verbose form so that those heathens who should sniff the wire should sniff many an angle-bracket and naught of any interest.

But the hackers did once more rise again and thus the prophet Json was begat. And he was good, for he was once more a literal representation of The Word. And there was much rejoicing amongst those who had lived in the shadow of the Architects.

And so it is that what was once old is new again, and what was once bad is now good. And this cycle shall go on for eternity.

Like an Enterprise Architect.

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