Wednesday 8 October 2014

Walking away from Run@Cloud. Part 1: Finding A Worthy Successor

In very disappointing news, last month CloudBees announced that they would be discontinuing their Run@Cloud service, a facility I have been happily using for a number of years.

I was using a number of CloudBees services, namely:
  • Dev@Cloud Repos - Git repositories
  • Dev@Cloud Builds - Jenkins in the cloud
  • Run@Cloud Apps - PaaS for hosted Java/Scala apps
  • Run@Cloud Database Service - for some MySQL instances
  • MongoHQ/ ecosystem service - MongoDB in the cloud

In short, a fair bit of stuff:
... the best bit being of course, that it was all free. So now I'm hunting for a new place for most, if not all, of this stuff to live, and run, for $0.00 or as close to it as conceivably possible. And before you mention it, I've done the build-it-yourself, host-it-yourself thing enough times to know that I do not ever want to do it again. It's most definitely not free for a start.

After a rather disappointing and fruitless tour around the block, it seemed there was only one solution that encompassed what I consider to be a true "run in the cloud" offering, for JVM-based apps, at zero cost. Heroku.

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