Tuesday 13 September 2011

Extending your SEP field

More anti-complexity ravings

Once you've got over your Complexity "Hump" things become a lot clearer.

The "good programmer == lazy programmer" thing is merely a starting point to a wider world of Using Other People's Stuff. In university this was A Bad Thing, but in the real world, call it "leveraging" and you're on your way to an MBA.

It can be succinctly summarised as Maximising Your SEP - nothing to do with getting a higher Google rank - I'm talking the Somebody Else's Problem. The SEP is the secret to a slender, simple IT solution. The whole "Cloud Computing" hype-bubble is actually SEP translated to the machine-room and its associated sysadmins.

With judicious use of SEP, your "in-house" component is the smallest possible intersection of other peoples' work - be it libraries, frameworks, or servers. Sprinkle in your domain model and you're done.

Moving your infrastructure "to the cloud" is totally hot right now - but how many development shops are actively trying to offload their code too?

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