Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Green Millhouse - The Broadlink Binding part 3

Apologies to people who were interested in my Broadlink binding for OpenHAB 2.0 ... I migrated my code to the 2.4.0 family and things apparently stopped working. I was short on spare time so assumed something major had changed in the OpenHAB binding API and didn't have time to investigate. Turns out it was actually my own stupid fault, refactoring to clean up the code, I'd managed to cut out the "happy path" that actually updated OpenHAB with values from the device <facepalm />.

Anyway, back into it now with a couple of extra things rectified as well:
This version also keeps track of the ScheduledFuture that is used to periodically poll the Broadlink device, and correctly calls cancel() on it if the Broadlink binding is getting disposed. This should put an end to those
...the handler was already disposed
errors flooding the logs.

This version finally addresses the "reconnect" issues; i.e. when a device unexpectedly falls off the network, re-authentication with it would, more often than not, fail. The fix was to reset most of the state associated with the device once we lose contact with it. In particular, the packet counter, deviceId and deviceKey variables that we obtained from the previous authentication response.

As a result of this, my A1 Environmental Sensor seems to be working in all scenarios. Next up is long-term robustness testing while sorting out device discovery, making sure my RM3 Mini works, and checking the multiple heterogeneous devices will all play nicely together.

This version reflects my testing with my RM3 Mini IR blaster. This device seems more sensitive to certain parameters in the authentication procedure - and it turned out that resetting the packet counter (as introduced in BETA-3) is not needed and can actually cause re-authentication to fail for this device. So there's actually less code in this release, but more functionality - which is always nice.
Device discovery is also working now too. From the OpenHAB Paper UI, go to
Configuration -> Things -> '+' -> Broadlink Binding and wait 10 seconds for the network broadcast to complete. If you have several Broadlink devices active on your network it may take a couple of scans to pick them all up.

Here's the latest JAR anyway, put it into your addons directory and let me know in the comments how it goes for you:

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