Friday 3 May 2013


Some cool stuff that makes life way easier to do webapps in 2013:
  • Play! Framework 2.1 - Scala, Hit-refresh recompilation, built-in LESS, proper request routing (no annotations!) and no XML. Nuff said.
  • LESS CSS - Does a great job of de-repetitioning CSS.
  • Angular.JS - the most unobtrusive client-side framework I've ever used - just feels like "dynamic HTML"
Also (not yet used, but fully intend to):
I note that in 2013, Standing on the Shoulders Of Giants is more like Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - all of the above technologies build on something a bit older, a bit cruftier, a bit trickier.
Have we finally hit the Industrial Revolution in software development?

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