Friday 17 June 2011

2011H2 Ponderables

What's on the cards and/or on my mind for the second half of 2011?

  • Going on holiday to Canada and the States in July. Woohoo!

  • The BRAIN (Blatantly Ridiculous Array of Inexpensive Netvistas) - utilising yesterday's ultra-low-power hardware, today!

  • Evaluator Chain - continuing my personal, hopefully fortune-making project

  • Continuing the epic Ubuntu Build Box story, that somebody, somewhere, may find useful...

  • Less Code - enjoying the luxury that in the Java world, it's almost certain that someone has solved your problem and published a good solution

  • More Tests - to make sure that what code I have written is absolutely rock solid

  • Enjoying Learning about HTML5, CSS3, Ruby, JPA2 and more

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